Dance creates beautiful bodies and a confident soul. As co-founders of DanceBody, we know it, we live it every day, and we teach it to others around us. A New York City-based workout created by dancers for everyone, our methodology helps you look like a dancer—even if you’ve never danced.

DanceBody has two components: (1) dance cardio that leverages various dance styles, incredibly motivating music, and a distracting sense of fun, and (2) a tightening, toning strengthening regime. Your entire body gets a self-sufficient and thorough workout—especially for those underutilized, forgotten muscles. It’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter—with less morning-after soreness and more efficiency. Through increasing your bodily awareness, you’ll also burn calories well beyond your workout.

The result? In about four workouts a week, you’ll replace your current figure with a finely tuned instrument…and never look back.